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Scriptural Rosary Prayer Book

"In the Beginning..."
A Scriptural Rosary According to the Pentateuch

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In His Presence Cover

In His Presence
Seven Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

by Christine Haapala and Illustrations by Gustave Dore

This meditation book outlines SEVEN VISITS to the Blessed Sacrament. This prayer book can be used in one evening, such as, during the Holy Thursday Seven Church Pilgrimage. Download this Seven Church Visits Information in PDF format. This prayer book can alternatively be used for seven consecutive days for a special prayer request. And, it can be used periodically, whenever you can spend time visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
64 pages. 21 Gustave Dore Illustrations from Dante's Divine Comedy.
ISBN 0-9703996-8-5. 5 1/2 by 8" $7.00

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Inspiration and Meditation through Art and Literature

Pope Benedict XV's Encyclical on Dante "IN PRAECLARA SUMMORUM" (April 30, 1921) stated that "Among the many celebrated geniuses of whom the Catholic faith can boast who have left undying fruits in literature ... highest stands the name of Dante Alighieri..." [IPS, 1] Dante's Divine Comedy is organized on the basis of the number seven - the seven circles of Inferno; the seven terraces on the mountain of Purgatorio; and, the seven spheres of Paradiso. Three pictures from The Dor� Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy are included for each of the Seven Visits. The first picture is from Purgatorio and reflects on the particular vice we wish to eliminate. The next two pictures from Paradiso are one artist's interpretation of the beatific vision - God's promise of eternal life. Pope Benedict XV further said that while the Divine Comedy "uses various symbolic images and records the lives of mortals on earth, it has for its true aim the glorification of the justice and providence of God who rules the world through time and all eternity and punishes and rewards the actions of individuals and human society." [IPS, 4]
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"Let the Children come to Me..."
Mt 19:14
Ultimate Prayer Bundle

  • Catholic School Classrooms
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  • Ultimate Prayer Bundle includes
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  • 10 copies of Rosary and Stations of the Cross Poster
  • 10 each of the 3 Posters
    Holy Thursday Poster "I am the bread of life..."
    Good Friday Poster "For God so loved the world..."
    Easter Poster "I am the resurrection..."
  • 1200 Variety Prayer Bookmarks (in English) -- 200 each of
    • Most Holy Rosary
    • Francis, Instrument of Peace
    • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
    • Ten Commandments
    • Queen of Angels
    • Stations of the Cross
    $289.00 (over 55% savings)
    [$656.00 if products sold separately]

    8 FREE Prayer Books also included in the Ultimate Prayer Bundle
  • Pearls of Peace
  • From Genesis to Revelation
  • Psalter of Jesus and Mary>
  • The Suffering Servant's Courage
  • Seraphim and Cherubim
  • In His Presence
  • His Sorrowful Passion
  • Sanctify my Heart
  • GIFT IDEA: Donate the Ultimate Prayer Bundle to your parish to establish a solid prayer foundation for the next generation.
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    Is anyone among you suffering? ... Pray. James 5:13
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