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Is anyone among you suffering? ... Pray. James 5:13
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Scriptural Rosary Prayer Books

"In the Beginning..."

A Scriptural Rosary According to the Pentateuch

Priest Prophet King

Three Scriptural Rosaries
Apostolic Collection [$60.50]
12 Scriptural Prayer Books - save 45%
Includes -
  • Children
    • Speak, Lord, I am Listening
    • Follow Me
  • Rosary
    • Priest Prophet King NEW!! in 2021
    • Pearls of Peace
    • The Suffering Servant's Courage
    • Psalter of Jesus and Mary
    • "In the Beginning..." NEW!! in 2021
    • From Genesis to Revelation
  • Eucharistic Adoration
    • In His Presence
  • Chaplets
    • His Sorrowful Passion
    • Seraphim and Cherubim
  • Novena
    • Sanctify my Heart
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Pearls of Peace A Rosary Journey through the Holy Land [$13.00]

by Christine Haapala, Author of the Best Selling Children's Scriptural Rosary
Speak Lord, I am Listening

Holy Land Photography
by Rev. Gary Coulter

Diocese of Lincoln

96 full-color pages
74 Photographs from the Holy Land
6" by 9"

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In her ninth Scriptural prayer book, Christine Haapala reveals another view of the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary through meditations from the Gospels and the Epistles of St. Paul. This book is enriched by the stunning photography of Rev. Gary Coulter, Diocese of Lincoln, who led two pilgrimages to the Holy Land and documented these spirit-filled journeys through photography.

Pray the 4th and 5th Sorrowful Scriptural Decades. Download PDF

More photography and scriptural decades.

Spiritually walk in Jesus' footsteps by praying the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary and meditating on the accompanying Holy Land photography. Follow the Holy Family from Bethlehem to Nazareth to Jerusalem. Walk with Jesus, his Blessed Mother, and his disciples to places, such as, Cana, the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Temptation, Mount Tabor. Pray along the the Way beginning with the Garden of Gethsemane, climbing the Via Dolorosa, and standing at the foot of the cross on Calvary.
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"Rejoice in the Lord Always... - Train a Teen/Adult" Prayer Kit $22.00 ($34.20 when products sold separately - 35% SAVINGS!!!)

  • The Suffering Servant's Courage (A Rosary Book)
  • His Sorrowful Passion (A Scriptural Divine Mercy Book)
  • In His Presence (Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book)

  • 2 copies of The Psalter of Jesus and Mary (A Rosary Book) to pray with parent or a friend
  • 10 Prayer Bookmarks to share with others - evangelize family and friends
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    Is anyone among you suffering? ... Pray. James 5:13
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